“It’s Rhythm and Melody.  It’s dissonance and tension.  It’s living, listening, praying, breathing, responding, and being silent.  It’s giving, being, and loving.

Music is the expression. Life is the song!”


Austin, Texas has been home to us since 2002.  Lovers of Austin culture, great food, and the arts, my family believes that creativity is an extension of life and our faith.

 I love writing songs about the grace and love found in Christ!  There is just something special about taking a great melody and coupling it with powerful, gospel-centered lyrics.  They touch the soul like nothing else.  Sometimes a song can go to places that a sermon just cannot. 

 Serving as worship pastor of Austin Ridge Bible Church since 2007, I believe that all worship is a response to a creative and compelling God.  When you see how awesome God really is, you can’t help but be in awe!  I have been leading worship for most of my life.  Growing up in a ministry home, I had the opportunity to lead songs in front of church starting at a young age.  From youth camps and college ministries to concerts and my local church, I’ve led worship all over the country.  I feel incredibly humbled and privileged, though, to worship and serve with the people at Austin Ridge.

Eddie and his wife, Lindy, live on a hill with a picturesque backyard and enjoy movies, jogging, Torchy's Tacos, and spending time with their daughters, Kadison and Karissa.


“If God is a creator then won’t we find our greatest fulfillment in creating, too?”


Eddie was one of the founding members of the band, Wideawake.  Wideawake performed with artists such as Switchfoot, Blue October, Zac Brown Band, and Sheryl Crow.  Their music found its way to TV and film for such shows as Scrubs, Grey’s Anatomy, The Real World, Dawson’s Creek, and The Ring.  As lead guitarist, Willis also won the 2004 Austin Music Award for best Electric Guitar.